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Japan New 44ton MBT Main Battle Tank Type10 Tank Prototype TK-X


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Added on Aug 18, 2010

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http://www.globalsecurity.org Type 10 MBT-X Prototype (TK-X) The Type 10 TK-X (MBT-X) project aims to build a new main battle tank to replace the existing Type 74 main battle tanks currently in service with the Japan Ground Self Defense Force. This tank will be deployed to the narrower and more mountainous regions of the country. The design emphased C4I capabilities as well as increasing performance, firepower, defense and mobility. The Type 10 has sloped turret armor similar to the Leopard 2A5, as well as a side profile similar to the Leclerc. The use of modular components, thereby significantly improving the side armor in comparison to the Type 90. The vehicle's armor can be reconfigured depending on the needs. Without additional armor plating, the vehicle weighs about 40 tons, while weighing about 48 tons with all of the add-on armor. A day & night 360 degree sight is also mounted on the turret, which can be integrated with the "new Basic Regimental Command & Control System". Compared to the Type 90, the Commander's Panoramic Sight has been moved to the right and is located at a higher position, giving the commander a wide field of view. By one report, the vehicle is expected to be armed with the 120-mm smoothbore gun developed by Japan Steel Works. This company also license-produces the Rheinmetall 120-mm / L44 gun for the Type 90 MBT. There is an option for L55 or a new barrel 50 caliber in length. The TK-X main battle tank will fire a newly developed armor-piercing ...

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