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Timewatch: Atlantis: The Evidence


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Added on Sep 2, 2011

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In this Timewatch special, historian Bettany Hughes unravels one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time. She presents a series of geological, archaeological and historical clues to show that the legend of Atlantis was inspired by a real historical event - the greatest natural disaster of the ancient world. Historian Bettany Hughes is amongst a growing number of leading experts who believe that Plato's story of Atlantis was inspired by a real historical event - the eruption in the Bronze Age of a massive volcano on the Aegean island of Thera, today better known as Santorini. Bettany presents evidence to support this theory, including the latest scientific findings, which show that the Thera eruption was much bigger than previously thought. And just like Atlantis, Thera was home to an amazing civilization. Archaeologists have uncovered on the island a lost world - a Bronze Age city entombed by the eruption. This city belonged to the Minoan culture, Europe's first great civilization preceding classical Greece by a thousand years.

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