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How To Use Video Mode on the Canon 5D MK II


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Added on Feb 23, 2011

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This is an in depth tutorial on how to use the video features on the Canon 5D MK II. This tutorial will be particularly useful if you are a photographer making the transition to video, if you are a videographer and want to see if this camera will fit into your current workflow, or whether you've never touched a camera before and want to know some tips and techniques to get the best out of a 5D MK II. The tutorial is broken up into the six sections: 00:00 - Introduction 01:00 - Camera Settings 03:20 - Camera Buttons 06:46 - Focusing (Auto/Manual Modes) 09:09 - ISO/Shutter/Aperture Controls and Tricks (RIP AUTO EXPOSURE HACKS) 16:18 - Conclusion ***Note 1: Thanks to DH for the tip to keep your settings from disappearing so quickly. If you go under the Live View/Movie func. set. you can change your Metering timer all the way up to 30 min. This way you won't lose your AE lock or display until you press record. Thanks again DH!!! ***Note 2: You can use the button directly to the right of AE Lock to unlock while you are recording only. Otherwise you must use the method demonstrated in the video to unlock. ***************************************************************************************** TRIBUTE TO THE PAIN - RIP AUTO EXPOSURE HACKS - THANKS CANON!!! ***************************************************************************************** ***Note 3: I take back what I said about not going over ISO 1000. There are certain lighting conditions where you can get away with 3200. Test it out! One thing that you want to be aware of is if you're aperture is wide open, your ISO shows 3200, and your Shutter Speed drops below 30, then you are really going to see the noise. Basically that means you have begun to expand your ISO (even though it isn't displayed) beyond 3200 which produces extremely noisy footage and I think this is what I was seeing in the past. Still need to test it out more :) ***Note 4: Get your video to look almost identical to exposure simulation mode (Somewhat Manual Control): 1. Make sure you are in Aperture Priority Mode (AV) 2. Switch to Exposure Simulation Mode under LV Func. (Also Make sure Metering Timer is set to 30min.) 3. Switch on Live View Mode 4. Hit the (*) to lock your settings where they currently are 5. Using top scroll adjust your aperture to as wide open as it gets (mine 3.5) 6. Rotate your exposure compensation wheel and your shutter speed will increase and decrease. Try and get it to 1/25 (1/25 is important to keep your wide open aperture locked down so it doesn't change when you hit record... Don't ask me why, it just works!) 7. Adjust your ISO (by clicking the ISO button on top) somewhere at or under 1000 (1200 max for certain shots might be acceptable) You can turn on the histogram by pushing the info button twice to see where your ISO should be at 8. Get critical focus with Quick Mode (AF-ON) button 9. Hit Record (ISO and shutter might adjust each other slightly but the video will look identical to what you saw in Exposure Simulation mode. Aperture will stay locked at wide open) 10. If not happy with slight changes made to your ISO hold down the shutter button half way while you rotate the back wheel (exposure comp) which will manually adjust your ISO so you can force it back where you want if it changed. However if your ISO is at 100 when you are outside in daylight then when you turn the wheel you can adjust your shutter :) 11. Frame and hold your shot 12. Rinse and Repeat!!! Might seem like a headache but SOOO much more reliable and easier to control than the hand method or twist off method described in the video. Please let me know how it works with your lenses. It's not complete manual control but it allows you more flexibility to get your shot how you want it to look without it fluctuating on you during recording or being too grainy due to high ISO! ***************************************************************************************** TRIBUTE TO THE PAIN - RIP AUTO EXPOSURE HACKS - THANKS CANON!!! ***************************************************************************************** As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! -Tyler www.tylerginter.com contact@tylerginter.com twitter.com/​tylerginter facebook.com/​tylerginter flickr.com/​photos/​tylerginter “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Steve Prefontaine

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