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CRONOS En Villa de Santiago Nuevo León 2


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Added on Sep 17, 2010

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We went to Villa de Santiago Nuevo León to assemble a little display of art from people from CRONOS and friends of mine such as the great poet Armando Alanís, Daniel Martínez del Bosque and Luis Irigoyen. We were very well received and Norberto Salazar, Yasmín Carrizales and me, were the ones who made the whole montage. This was part of a simultaneous exposition on 5 locations called Non Omnis Moriar and was my celebration for 15 years making clay figures. You will be able to aprecciate a beautiful speeder bike made by the great artist and engineer Luis Irigoyen. It is a pitty that the people at my Country are so ignorant that prefer to have me working as a trained monkey rather than teaching my techniques before arthritis take the major bet. Who uploaded this video and why? cronosbeta.foros.st I am Aldo Sánchez. I took the risk of creating a group of young artists, back in 1997, but my origins are far longer than that. I hope this can help you to understand the way I think and why I fight so much to keep the magic running in the young people. I wish that you drop a line or two and visit our forums. I'll ever be here to answer any comment or question. If you are interested on -Clay Modelling -Claymation -Special Effects -Movies -TV Shows -Anime and Manga Art -Cartoon -Sculpture -Literature -Comic books -Sci-Fi,Horror and Fantasy -Literature -Music and tho mood of the 60's, 70's 80's and 90's And every expression of culture and art. Then, you're at the right place Aldo ...

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CRONOS En Villa de Santiago Nuevo León 03:13

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