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Hardstyle Dance Revolution Melbourne Shuffle


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Added on Aug 31, 2010

Length: 09:56 | Comments: 0

[Video Description] A Hardstyle Revolution Dance Movie created by Mark Do. Starring some of the biggest names in the shuffling scene. The dance 'Melbourne shuffle' use to be an old style dance in the late 80s, now everyone is bringing it back with 'Hardstyle.' This dancing movie showcases the so called 'Hardstyle' which intervenes with the dance "Melbourne Shuffle and running man." Furthermore it gives us the message that the freestyle dancing(Shuffling) has changed dramatically in society due to people's new style of dancing called 'hardstyle'. [Shufflers Featured] 1. Danielzz 2.kechik(HR My), 3.Mikki 4.Daniel 5. Abangben, 6.Tyson 7.Sacco 8.Utkukebabi, 9.Pae and Sarah, 10.Tristan, 11.Andy 12.Anko, 13.Achik(HR my), 14.David, 15.Anthony, 16.ApEkWhuuT(HR my) 17.Azmer (HR my), 18.Row 19.Francis, 20. Pae 21.Unknown Shuffler(HR My), 22.Tony, 23.Jericho, 24.nk complex 25.Maikool 26.Len(wedancehard) 27.MCKEN, 28.Unknown Shuffler pair, 29.Francis & Tyson, 30.Danielzz [Track List] Intro - Axel coon - lamenting city 0:28 - Donkey Rollers- Hardstyle Rockers 1:18 - Megara Vs. Dj Lee - Musical Society 2:16 - dark oscillators - food for woofers 3:40 - Discotronic - Tricky Disco 4:48 - Alex Kidd & Dark By Design - No Go, Go For Launch 5:45 - Dj Cerla vs. Dj Manian - Jump (Manian Dub MIX) 6:17 - Alpha Twins - The Darkside 7:15 - Guyver - Differences (Dark By Design Remix) 8:15 - Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space 8:54 - Showtek - Dust 2 Dust End - The Hitmen - Energy Is You IMPORTANT: I give full credit to the shufflers/dancers, clips, artists & songs produced in this video. I do not claim any of the material to be my own. Moreover, this video compilation includes of many differential music and video tracks which isn't rightfully owned by me but it does comply with the act of 'fair use' because it is used in a legitimate and civil manner. This video was created by myself (Mark Do) and is solely targeted for entertainment & educational purposes only. [Programs used] Sony Vegas [The Melbourne shuffle] It's a form of dance. The basis of the Melbourne Shuffle has traditionally been footwork performed by combining three basic steps. It is known as "shuffling" in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The Melbourne Shuffle has no set steps but encourages individuality and imagination, incorporating dance moves from numerous styles such as miming, popping & locking, liquid and breaking. [Learning the dance] Anyways if ur interested or keen to learn how to shuffle, check out bigmilan tutorial videos, he teaches you the necessary steps to shuffle. He teaches u the basics such as how to Melbourne shuffle, running man, shuffle spin, hand movements and variations, plus advance moves as well. Just search 'bigmilan' on youtube. There are plenty of tutorials but his ones are the best. I also strongly suggest that you learn the c-walk(crip walk, clown walk), glide(gliding) and moon walking as it's compatible with the foot dancing or melbourne shuffle/running man. [Underage Shuffle Crews] This section I dedicate for ppl who r interested in da underage raving scene which revolves around shuffle crews. Here it displays the best crews I know from the past, present and future. Search them up on youtube & watch them or their crew, shuffle it up! -HR (Hardstyle Republic) -HG (Hard Generation) -BC (Bass Captives) -BR (Bass Rockers) -H2k (Hard 2 kill) -MHR (Melbourne Hardstyle Revolution) -HN (Hardstyle Nation) -PHSF (Progressive HardStyle Faction) -THV (The Hardstyle Virus) -HSV (Hardstyle Victims) -FKC (Frantik Crew) -THP (The Hardstyle Project) -HSA (Hardstyle Addicts) -Infinite -BP (Bass Puppets) -HBR (Hardstyle Bass Rockers) -Hazard Minors -7 Sparkz -Jb Rocker ***R.I.P crews*** -HSK (Hard Style Klowns) -TMS (The Maestro Shufflers) -HSR (Hardstyle Rockers) -RBK (Reverse Bass Krew) -YHS (Young Hardstylers) -HSJ (Hardstyle Jokers)

Channels: Education & Instructional  

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